Entre Terre et Mer is a specialized nautical center to offer canoeing and stand up paddle activities, working on an educational project with teachers and schools to organize your tailor-made school kayaking cycle.


For your pupils of primary classes, in cycle 2 cycle 3 but also for the higher levels like the college and high schools. Together, we define the school kayak cycle according to your desires and your constraints:


- Number of sessions, type of boat and activities (kayak, paddle, waveski-surfing)


- The school cycle program and the educational project that will meet the age of the students (water cycle, discovery of marine flora and fauna, environmental awareness, etc.)


- Places of practice (sea, river, estuary) For schools not on Talmont St Hilaire, we also have the possibility of roaming in order to move to other practice sites.


A passionate and dynamic team is ready to advise you, call us on 06 40 32 54 75 for more information!


  • For physical education and sports teachers who plan to integrate kayaking into their program, know that we are here to support you in setting up this sport kayak cycle.

    Together, we will establish the various objectives to be achieved and an evaluation grid allowing us to give a grade that fits into the framework of youth studies. You are free to choose the time of the year, the day and even the time for these kayaking sessions with the class.

    A canoeing session lasts approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.